Candy Heart Fraction Fun!

So before all of this blogging that I'm so addicted to now - I thought I was a pretty amazing teacher.  But I don't COMPARE to the teachers out there who are so adorable and so creative in their activities and such that they do and make.  I'm so jealous.  So in my desperation to be as awesome as they all are, here's my first attempt.  I always do this activity every year with my kids in February so I thought I'd make a 'cute' page to go with it!  Hope you enjoy!  I'd love some feedback :)  Thanks!


  1. This activity is great!!! Thank you so much for sharing and for blogging! I love reading your posts and you have great ideas! I'd love to read more about Allen. What a neat addition to your classroom and school he must be! Thanks again for your candy hearts activity! We begin our fraction unit on Monday and this will fit right in!

  2. Love this! Thank you!


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