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I don't know about anyone else, but this has been a rather long week!!  I'm so glad tomorrow is Thursday because that means that the next day is Friday!!  So I'm such a nerd and keep this post-it note on my computer about things I want to blog about and the list just keeps getting longer and longer!  So I thought I'd try to do a few small things all in one post! :)

So each month or so the teachers on my team try and do an Accelerated Reader contest either within our classrooms or with each other.  This month we decided to do one with each other and I must say - the bulletin board turned out to be absolutely adorable!!

There are four teachers on our team so we made each of us into 'snowman' form!  Starting from the left we have Mrs. Lehman who's holding hands with her daughter.  Then we have Mrs. Stevenson who's holding a soccer ball - as she's the high school girl soccer coach.  Then we have Mr. Hubble who's a huge Michigan fan therefore he has a Michigan hat.  And then we have ME, with Allen of course!  :)  For every two books the students read they get to put up a cotton ball.  The snowman with the most cotton balls at the end, wins.  (It looks like we're losing, but I'm just keeping my cotton balls hidden from the other classes so they don't get jealous of how amazing we are!)  LoL!  The whole bulletin board turned out to be too cute - I just wanted to share!  

Now these adorable pictures below are of my kiddos playing one of my favorite activities - Musical Scoot.  If you're familiar with the Task Cards that are all a rage on the website Proteacher, then you'll love this!  The game 'Scoot' ( which I did NOT come up with or create - another idea I found on Proteacher), is basically where you take the task cards and place them on the students' desks.  It's a timed game and when the teacher says the word SCOOT - the students rotate around desk to desk completing the task cards.  Great game!  But MUSICAL SCOOT is much more fun!  What I do is place the task cards around the room.  The students have their recording sheet and a clip board.  I play music and as the music plays the students dance around.  But when the music stops they must stop dancing and talking and quickly find a task card to complete.  They love it!!!  And it never gets boring - you could play it once a month and they wouldn't care!  Check out their awesome dance moves!  

I just can't take it - I love my job!  If you use task cards in your classroom do you have any other creative ideas on how to use them?  I'd love to hear!  Have a great Thursday!  

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  1. Such a great idea! I have tons of task cards printed and laminated but have not used them. This sounds like a great way to incorporate them! Thanks for sharing =)


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