Black History Month Timeline Project

So since I started this blog, I've blogged everyday except last night.  I literally felt like I was breaking some sort of law by not blogging!!  It killed me - but I was out with my husband and having fun otherwise and then came home and went straight to bed.  It was a great Friday Night :)  And this morning I paid my debt for that lovely evening by waking up with an awful migraine...  I don't get them often but when I do - OUCH!  My vision almost completely goes away and when it comes back it hits me like a sack full of bricks.  It just wouldn't go away either!  So I did the only thing I could think of - I went back to sleep :)  And I'm now awake - its 3:45 and I feel 10 times better :)  There's nothing like sleeping away the day!

And now time for blogging!!

So next week starts my biography unit which will take place the entire month of February.  The first week we're doing Black History Month biographies, the next two weeks we're doing regular biographies over famous americans, and the last week (which is a 3 day week) we're doing a president's day biography.  So..  I was trying to think of a way to make each part of this unit unique by incorporating a fun project.  I've decided to start us off we're going to do a timeline project.  Nothing too fancy - but timelines are something we haven't covered yet.

Since I'm a Scholastic addict - I have about a million of these My First Biography books:

So in our literature circles next week, each group will receive a different biography of a famous African American to research and study.  Here's what I've come up with:  Timeline Project

The students will fill out the first page and then each student will pick one of the 5 important facts.  With that fact they will fill out and illustrate the second page.  They'll write the year of the event at the top, illustrate a picture of the event, and then write a 1-2 sentence description of the event.  Then the kids will put them into chronological order.  I plan on connecting them by placing a hole punched hole on each side and connecting them with string.  I hope they turn out okay!  I would love some feedback on what you think I should add or change :)  

Happy Saturday everyone!  (I'm heading to the casino to help celebrate my brother's 21st birthday! - Wish me luck!)

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